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Ernie and Kathy Jones met and fell in love while ranching, so it only made sense they developed a ranch of their own. After researching and scouting for the best area to raise their beef, they bought some land in Southern Indiana (Lynnville) and set out their dream. Triple J ranch was born!

The Best Beef You Can have,
You Deserve Only The Best.

The Triple J Ranch believes in providing beef you can feel good about eating. The difference between our beef and that found in the grocery stores is simple – GRASS. It is healthy, tender and delicious. It is also reasonably priced.

We participated in a study with Kansas University where they determined our beef had a near perfect ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6. As you know, traditionally, we think of Omega-3 in Salmon and Chicken.

​​​​​​​ Got a meat and potato lover at your house……want to keep them healthy……feed them pasture raised grass finished beef!

Questions On Our Beef​​​​​​​

Pasture Raised Beef vs Stockyard Finished Beef

It is really simple. Corn and other grains make cattle sick. It does, however, “beef” them up fast. The Triple J Ranch feeds only food the Lord intended for cattle…..grass, hay or silage. They are not raised in confined, overcrowded feed lots. They are not fed grain that makes them sick. If you have never seen a cattle feed lot, you would be appalled. They are a very unpleasant experience for the cattle.


Everyone should be concerned about our carbon footprint and how it affects our planet. Eating local, sustainable foods is a great alternative that can help our communities NOW. Eating local foods – in our case beef – drastically reduces the release of fossil fuels leaving our planet greener. Typically, animals and their conventional feeds are trucked vast distances over the country. Then the beef is shipped all over the country. More fuel emmissions!


We process beef in the Spring and Fall. The exact schedule is controlled by Mother Nature (my partner). When a steer or fat heifer reaches 1100 pounds, they are fully finished. This is when you get your best steaks. We sell our beef for $5.99/lb. An 1100 pound beef yields approximately 100 pounds of actual beef per quarter. DeWig’s in Haubstadt is the premier processing resource in the tri-state (believe me I have used them all!). DeWig’s is a family owned business. Their butchers have been working with cattle for more years than I have been on this Earth. Preparing your beef for your family is important. They are efficient and fairly priced.


Owner Of Triple J Ranch

Kathy Jones is the owner of The Triple J Ranch. Her love of providing healthy beef is apparent in everything she does. From being a loving mother to her children Megan, Karalyn, Andy and Angel her philosophy is simple……create a quality product again and again and watch people come back for more. Her ranch is truly the culmination of a lifetime of work. Since the tragic death of her husband, Ernie, in 2015, Kathy has been lucky enough to find someone else who loves her ranch as much as she does. Billy is a vegetable and flower gardener and they plan to introduce these products in the summer of 2018. 

The Herd​​​​​​​

The herd! From sun up to sun down we are working hard to raise healthy productive cattle. These days the herd is predominantly Red Devon. This is an old English breed from Devonshire, England. I like to tell people that I chose the Red Devon breed for the “quality of life” they provide. Like the old saying goes, “life’s too short to ride bucking horses.”. I would add that life’s too short not to enjoy the cattle you ranch with​​​​​​​.

Laying Hens

Meet “the girls”! And one stud Easter Rooster! I plan to add more laying hens in the summer of 2018 and will begin selling farm fresh eggs at The Black Horse Barn at the front of the ranch!


DeWig’s charges $.45 pound of live weight for processing per beef. For an 1100 pound beef, a quarter runs approximately $123.75, depending how you have it cut and processed. DeWig’s has been a family owned business for 100 years. How a beef is processed can affect the yield. Whether bones are left in, how closely the butcher trims the surface fat, and how much fat is left in the ground meat is a big part of determining your yield.

A quarter of an 1100 pound beef usually yields approximately 100 pounds of beef. You will need a four cubic foot freezer.


You will work closely with the butcher to determine the best way to process your beef in order to give you the highest quality cuts, the greatest possible yield, and a good variety of cuts to keep your beef dinners delicious and interesting. Here are typical cuts of our beef:

* Tenderloin Steaks

* Ribeye Steaks

* New York Strip Steaks

* Rump Roasts

* Chuck Roasts

* Arm Roasts

* Ground Beef

* Liver, Heart and Tongue (for my autoimmune disease clients)

Steaks are cut 1” thick and are packaged as you desire (1-4 per package). Roasts are typically 3-4 pounds (designed for a family of 4 with leftovers). Keep in mind roast size can vary depending on the actual size and weight of the beef.


There is a deposit required upon ordering your beef. I will invoice you for half your beef when I deliver your steer or fat heifer to DeWig’s. I will invoice you for the balance of your order prior to picking it up from DeWig’s. I can either email your invoice or send it through snail mail.


Tenderloin Steaks $22.00/lb.

Ribeye Steaks $19.00/lb.

New York Strip Steaks $18.00/lb.

Ground Beef $6.75/lb.

Roasts $7.75/lb.

Liver, Heart, Tongue $6.00/lb.

Beef by the pound will be available at The Black Horse Barn near the front of the ranch at the end of April 2018! If you need beef before then, give Kathy a call at 812.454-7307 and she will take care of you!


Want to experience the Triple-J Ranch difference for yourself? Fill out the form below and someone will holler at you soon to confirm your order!

  • Please mail your check to Triple J Ranch: 466 W. SR 68 Lynnville, IN 47619.
  • Once your beef is processed, you will receive an invoice via email.
  • Processing fee paid to dewigs.

What our customers saying about us

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The Dills


"Kathy, thank you for sharing your cows with us.
The flavor is UNBEATABLE and the fat content is PERFECT.
Every bite of each cut has brought our family joy
​​​​​​​and health! We are so grateful!!"